About this site

There are so many different potential causes of knee pain that listing them all is difficult. However, for anyone who already knows their diagnosis and who simply wants to find out more information about a specific particular condition, the list ‘Causes of knee pain’ on the left hand menu of this website should hopefully help.

For those of you, however, who might have knee pain but who are not yet sure of the actual cause, then what you really need first is a clear and specific diagnosis.

To fully, properly and safely diagnose any medical condition, what you need is to see an appropriately trained, qualified, registered, experienced and competent healthcare professional for a proper face-to-face consultation. Nobody knows knees better than a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in Knee Surgery. Not everyone with knee pain actually needs to see a Knee Surgeon. However, it is important to appreciate that Knee Surgeons don’t just operate! … as a Knee Surgeon myself, only about 25% of the patients that I see in clinic actually end up having any kind of knee surgery, and only 25% of my time is actually spent in theatre – 75% of my working week is spent in clinic and 75% of my patients don’t end up having surgery. Instead they might simply need perhaps just reassurance, or else they might need referral for the various non-surgical treatments that are available, such as physiotherapy and/or injection therapies. However, one of the most vital aspects of my job is to start by providing my patients with a clear, specific diagnosis. To reach this requires the face-to-face taking of a detailed medical history, a proper hands-on clinical examination and then obtaining whatever specific further specialist investigations might be required, which normally includes X-rays, MRI Scans, Ultrasound Scans or sometimes blood tests. Only then can one go on to the second most important aspect of care, which is to formulate an appropriate treatment plan, based on the specific diagnosis and tailored to the individual patient’s functional needs, their personal aspirations and their expectations. This can only be achieved by spending appropriate time with the patient to get to really understand them as an individual.

The ‘Diagnose My Knee’ section of this website is intended purely as a simplified tool to guide people as to what potential information might be most relevant to them. It is not intended as a replacement for a proper medical opinion.

The aim of this website is to inform and therefore empower people, to help them take charge of their situation and participate in the decision-making processes of their medical care. If there are any specific questions about knees that this website does not address well enough or if there is any particular information missing that you would like answered, then please to contact us to let us know and we will try to rectify this. 

Please note, however, that we are not able to offer specific medical advice for individual patients.


Written by
Mr Ian McDermott
Consultant Knee Surgeon, London
25th Aug 2012