Welcome to Knee Pain.co.uk

Knee pain is extremely common, and can cause significant problems. This site has been developed by one of London’s top knee surgeons as a guide and an information source for anyone suffering from knee pain

All too often, too many people seem to be giving all kinds of advice about how knee pain should be managed or treated. First and foremost, however, before one even starts to think about actual treatment, the very first step is to clarify what the actual cause of your pain might be - i.e. get a clear and specific diagnosis! There is no better trained or qualified person to see about a knee problem than a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in knee surgery. The site has been written by a knee surgeon as a tool and a resource, to provide information about the many different various potential causes of knee pain.

What this site does not and cannot do is to replace the need for a proper detailed face-to-face clinical assessment from an appropriate healthcare professional. However, by learning as much as possible about your knee, we hope that this website will empower you to ask appropriate questions and make the right decisions about whatever knee problems you might potentially have.

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